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Tuesday, November 19, 2013



When we interrupted
Silence of the ghost
there's our own concept
bent, crooked , curved
we now so afraid of their shadows
We believe horrible
about spectral

But, the gnomes testified this
"Brutal! more dangerous,
a harmful barbarous
the humans are!"
Demon el santo
oh what a personality?
Greedy flesh
as a vultures and crows
we kill until nothings left
the tortured body,
slashed throats
along the streets
as a Lullaby of the cannibal
a snake swallowed
a baby in its womb
consumed by the greed
all webbed in selfishness
Unsatisfied sucking the sap
oh! Honeycomb, became dry
Substance of a virgin flowers
raped and exploited
Till to arid, to disheveled
Oh! a Jewelish thoughts of a fool?
Thus, possessed by Satan
a predatory hypocrites
hiding the brilliance of silver
into their mother's skirt
Damned levels creates by impertinent
Levels operated by money
siste capitalist con Terrorist
a planned explosions
of planted bombs
in the bosom of the island pearl

Are you still afraid of ghosts?
Do not! Do not be afraid of ghosts
fear more to our fellow men
They sips blood
Liter of liter of bloods
inside the golden reservoirs
they all memorized it
-all symptoms of the drama
of those luxurious men...
fear more to our fellow men
They are great in masquerading
a veterans in disguising
oh what a colorful dress of the executioner
as scrabble of a meek sheep?
are intelligent in benediction
they calls often to their Lord
and kneeling in their holy idols.

Ah! Fear more to ourselves
Less likely to the harmless ghosts
they still in pain
when every time the ghost
harassed by us, of our fellow men.

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