Monday, July 26, 2010


For i witness of pride and flame
a grass hoping this ground turned green
colour Brights enthusiasm
worse, still in jungled garden

For i saw bugs sips on flower
flower wanted this bug to stay
joyfull, excitement and smile
but hopeless its true mind replied

with need not think, doubting naught
in love unreal sweat second count
scout's sensation sin's sprout
rejected will in countless doubt.

Tears as drop of rain fell apart
longing inself, invades true heart,
dries one's leafs and lasting petal
thought "n0t mourn ended for start"

for i, inspired from manger's sounds
believes unfortune fates no bound
when he who came with his green tumb,
he said,"numbness intends to dump"

but again, insects bited our dream
who could fly and drink through spring,
"Im aid to sprout thy new name,
your all help, if you play my game".

"sure i," great deals for prize discern
man's of unclimber waits concern
for i, witness of mine insane
its ended dry but gained more thing.

Sadly, tormented, leads to wept
but wiser i, free flow to seap
notice that "every cry was gift,
that let my grow, mine mind swims deep.

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