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Monday, July 26, 2010

"LIFE seems like as these"

( part-2)
A life lives when once living
there's a shadow when theres a light
the river flows if there's a path
there's twinkling star only by night.

like a storm when there's a nimbus clouds
a ship drives by seashore's ground
there's slam house if there's unuseful rooms
as shoes when there's a pair of foot

There’s a sweater when wheater blew shiver
there's a nightmare if there's a screams,
a pillow when there's a dream
a serenade when ones feeling sing

there's a garbage can if there's a waste
there's a lasting paper if there's an ink
there's a flavored gum when it can chew
as i am "livin perfectly imperfect" when there's no you.

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