Monday, July 26, 2010



Is she an artist?
What happen on the wall?
It was painted red
And she’s keeping wept
While cleansing her hands…

How creative is she!
To paint using a knife
Ang her colors, very unusual

I heard those sounds
But it was so hard to figure out
The blood on her innocent hands
After she had clean it
By the water, it’ll turn red…

Then she’ll start to fled tears
Bursting out the feeling on her mind
“mercy cast upon me,
I won’t bare sin, but you insist”
Then she will fight…

it is not the true knife before her
cause it was her shadow,
the dark side wearing hatred
an unbreakable hates with
her father…

Her father that play
With her as a doll
Totally a null and foul
He is alwayus happy,
After the play…

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